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Provides you 360° IMAX theater experience

100 degree FoV brings you immersive experience

For a distortion-free field of view, lenses can be fine-tuned for a perfect focus.

57mm-66mm IPD adjustment
We also made sure that Loop fits comfortably
over glasses, so everyone can enjoy it.

Loop turns your smartphone into a private, 360° 3D theater, and there’s no disposable cardboard here. We’ve built our headset out of robust materials for the immersive visual experience.

Compatible with 5-6 inch iphone and Android

Comfort is the name of the game thanks to adjustable straps and snug inner-padding.


Brand: ANTVR

Model: Loop

Product Type: VR Glasses

FOV: 100 degree

Interpupillary distance adjustment: Three block manual adjustment

Glasses Wearing: Supported

OS Support: Android/iOS

Size:189 x 103 x 133mm

Weight: 399g

Compatible with: 5-6 inch (Android/IOS smart phone)

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