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VR Development Guideline


Developing with ANTVR headset supports OpenVR API. The develop environment is included in ANTVR Hall. Once finishing to install ANTVR Hall, a ANTVR’s SteamVR driver will be added to the runtime. It allows ANTVR headset to communicate directly with SteamVR.

OpenVR is an SDK and API developed by Valve for supporting virtual reality headset and other virtual reality devices. SteamVR is Valve’s implementation of their OpenVR standard as well as the name of the VR runtime shipped with Steam.

2.Creating new project

To get started with VR development in Unity, you’ll need to download SteamVR plugin, and import into your project. Find StreamVR camera prefabs in Assets>SteamVR>Prefabs with name [CameraRig], to replace your main camera.

3.Run your project

Before running your VR project, ensure ANTVR Hall is running and connect with ANTVR headset well. Once starting to play your scene will be present in ANTVR headset.