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ANTVR Cyclop

Flagship config | Inside-out Infrared Tracking | Compatible with SteamVR

Inside-out Positional Tracking

Abundant games: ANTVR Hall, as well as SteamVR platform

Immersive experience when watching movie

Built-in earphones

LCLV viewing windows

Adaptive IPD adjustment

6DoF VR controller

Positional tracking

VR headset

VR controller

Positional tracking Carpet

Roomscale kit

with positional tracking function


Controller * 2

Positional Tracking Carpet(5.76 Square Meters)

Hand tracking kit

with hand tracking function


Controller * 2

Cyclop Specs

Headset Specs

Screen:Dual OLED

Resolution:1080 x 1200 pixels per eye (2160 x 1200 pixels combined)

Refresh rate:90Hz

Field of View:110 degree

Safty features:LCLV viewing windows

Sensors:9-axis IMU

Positional tracking:inside-out infrared tracking


IPD Adjustment:Self-adaption

Connections:HDMI, USB 3.0 x2

Controller Specs

Sensors:9-axis IMU

Position tracking:inside-out infrared tracking

Input:trigger, 4 buttons

Connections:USB 2.0

Positional Tracking Carpet Specs

Size:16pcs, about 6m2

Portion tracking:inside-out infrared tracking


Recommended PC Requirements

GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX970, equivalent or better

CUP:Intel CoreTM i5-4590, equivalent or better

RAM:4 GB or more

Video output:1 x HDMI 1.4 or newer

USB port:1 x USB 3.0 or better port

Operating system:64-bit windows 10

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